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Recruiting experienced home care assistants in the South East

At Exceed Health Care, we recruit experienced  Carers, Senior  carers, Support workers  for Nursing homes, Residential care home and Day centers. A Home Care Worker is expected to undertake tasks like dressing-undressing, washing-bathing and feeding the person to whom they have been recruited to assist. This job requires candidates to present a fine deal of understanding, and deal with healthy and naturally kind and positive behavior.

If you are home care assistant looking for access to the best employers in the area, please contact us. 

Hire a homecare expert 

Beyond essential output, Our Carers and support workers are  supplementary inspired,  engaged  and organised  in taking responsibilities while on duty  in care homes,  nursing homes or  day centers. At Exceed Health Care, they are dedicated to do anything they can to improve the work experience for all our team members while simultaneously striving for excellence throughout. Our home care professionals are available for both short term and long term assignments

 If you want to hire experienced home care experts for your organisation, you can get in touch with us. 

Find the right candidate for your organisation 

Our skilled carers specialists endow with high-end quality care at home. They are not only skilled and trained but they also undergo training on a regular basis. This saves people from travelling for recurring and schedule treatments like physiotherapy, bandage and daily treatment. When selecting candidates for you, we ensure to keep your requirements in mind. 

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Our carers can offer:

  • Elderly care 
  • Personal care
  • Hospice care 
  • Palliative care 
To hire experienced homecare assistants call us on
 0753 8345 527

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